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Battle Field Veterans Version 1.0

Released 5/14/2020

Key Changes

+ added: 

+ 1. Abandon flag - Lets you move your flag without needing an admin. But will reset your territory to level 1!

+ 2. More base details - Lets you see more details about your territory including how many objects you can place and more! +

3. Grinding re-balanced - Introduces grinding times for different types of doors the better the door the longer it takes. +

4. Prevent low level raiding - If you territory is level 2 or lower you cant get raided. This is to help out newbies who aren't as established. +

5. Moved the donor trader.

+ 6. The server rules have been re-written to reflect the new PVP/PVE split.

+ 7. Locking Plus was added - If you are the owner of a base or have build permissions you will not have to put in your pin anymore.

+ 8. New and improved vehicle service script - Replaced our old and broken with something new a shiny, you have to get out of your vehicle now to rearm.

+ 9. Improved vector building - Lets you adjust build-able objects in new ways you couldn't before.

+ 10. Improved loot spawning and Garbage collector - New loot spawning won't lag and is easier to modify loot files on our end. The new Garbage collector is easier to adjust and helps keep the server fps up higher.

+ 11. PVP/PVE split!- PVP side is in RED the PVE side is in GREEN there is a third middle section dividing the two know as the DMZ. In the PVP side player vs player killing is enabled, so is base raiding and vehicle hot wiring. In the PVE side there is no player vs player killing and no base raiding or vehicle hot wiring. In the DMZ there are sections where you can get shot by a player and sections you can not these are there for you to find on your own, there is no base building in the DMZ at all. Base building is permitted in both the PVP and PVE sections of the map. Read the rules to learn more!

+ 12. Database wipe.

Additional Information

Closing remarks, thank you for sticking with us we hope to see you soon!

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