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Battle Field Veterans Version 1.3

Released 6/10/2020

Key Changes

+ added:

+ 1. Updated logo on screen to top right

+ 2. Donator array updated to allow for easier changes

+ 3. Mission file has been cleaned up, lots of unnecessary code

+ 4. Territory payment announcement when you log in upper left hand corner will tell you when you need to pay

+ 5. Added ! commands, Type !help in chat and it will give you a list of commands. Only 2 for now but more to come!

+ 6. Fixed an issue where you couldn't raid in PVP zone thanks to @colin

+ 7. Added Headless client for ASAXI (Roaming AI) this should help us get more server FPS

+ 8. Optimized code to run faster and use less resources

+ 9. We are now using Affinity to help distribute the processor load more efficiently

+ 10. Added new rules window when you log in

+ 11. Some Misc stuff I'm probably forgetting next update will be version 1.4 bringing the new features the BFV community voted on.

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