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Battle Field Veterans Version 1.6

Released 6/17/2020

Key Changes

+ added:

+ New dynamic locker, you locker size will change depending on your respect amount. Level 0-1 650K this locker number is multiplied by 2. Don't worry if you have more than your max locker will allow your tabs will still be there.

+ New respect levels added Level 7 500k, Level 8 1M, and Level 9 2M

+ New welcome messages may or may not keep them in

+ New server info script was added, contains our rules plus more

+ New XM8 apps like wire transfer, server info, private message, player scan, vehicle hp bars, plus more

+ updated XM8 app icons 3-4 new icons

+ updated donor shop respect levels

+ new pilot HUD + Moved logo location to left side

+ New kill feed bottom left will show distance type of gun and sigh used

- removed:

- Removed old rules popup

Additional Information

Changes go into effect next restart

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Important Information