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  2. ok so as the author of this mission I can see where I made a few mistakes. I had the reinforcements set to 15 waves of 7 ai at 4 minute intervals. adjusted that to 4 waves of 7 ai at 90 second intervals. The building for the mission currently spawns in at server start. rewrote the code so it will now spawn in with the mission. As for the floating boxes if the building is destroyed, when you win the mission the box will fall to the ground.
  3. OK I see what you are talking about. yes it's a little screwy but it displays correctly at whole numbers so not really an issue. nothing we could fix anyways we have no control over vehicles only their authors can fit it.
  4. I'm guessing your vehicle is the the unarmed hummingbird or the civil hummingbird. the altimeter on the dash works like a clock. small hand is 1000 and big hand is 100.
  5. guessing this was the safe mission. fixed
  6. In my hummingbird I was around 3 klicks high but it displayed as .01 km up, so basically I think the main number isn't dispalyed propgoblepyert
  7. Yesterday
  8. You cannot take the patrol vehicle until all the ai are dead and mission is won/cleared.
  9. Changed Status to Closed
  10. Weird. never seen a mission box do that. Since the boxes are not persistent unless you install them the box was deleted after server restart. Going forward I will have to keep an eye out on this but at this point I would call this rare.
  11. We can't control what the crate does. Sorry
  12. I don't know if u guys know but the huron crate doesn't rearm the extra mags either
  13. Last week
  14. Maybe adding a min of certain amount of m before picking it up
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