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  2. A rearm vehicle which has a certain amount of charges and must be refilled at a ammo crate or at the trader. So you can bring it around but it might not be as worth as bringing a infinite usage truck. Maybe 2-4 rearms before it goes empty or something.
  3. The tigris has armor all around while something with the cage armor on the sides might beable to take a few more rocket hits but none from the top
  4. Javelins enter from the top where MOST vehicles don't have protection against. Maybe reduce the amount of javelins on lower tier missions. Also some armored vehicles can't take any hits at all (from anything).
  5. One javelin shouldn't have the ability to take out an armored vehicle with one rocket
  6. Earlier
  7. Mohawk spawns inside the crates or the other way around
  8. Likasooooommmmmboooodeee

  9. Ok so when you respawn sometimes you respawn at the bottom left corner of the map (un fixable bug some staff said I can't remember) so what if we have a set spawn inside a territory vehicle, for example A buy a "Territory Spawn Vehicle" similar to repair and refueling trucks. It would spawn you inside or nearby the truck which could solve that bug.
  10. So a convoy is what im saying, also I didn't realize the concrete and sand bags were so cheap so yeah
  11. maybe instead of the spawn in base thing it changes to spawn on territory vehicle or something
  12. Maybe like more building mats in the crate, not walls but like bags of sand so players can craft more, or have a small patrol that goes around the map like other vehicles do but they have a vehicle in front then the ural or somethnig with like tons of sandbags tools and what not. Maybe something like in the buiding materials place they have ai that have some civilian clothes with contrustion hats on that mainly carry materials or walls, so checking those guys would be good too
  13. ok so as the author of this mission I can see where I made a few mistakes. I had the reinforcements set to 15 waves of 7 ai at 4 minute intervals. adjusted that to 4 waves of 7 ai at 90 second intervals. The building for the mission currently spawns in at server start. rewrote the code so it will now spawn in with the mission. As for the floating boxes if the building is destroyed, when you win the mission the box will fall to the ground.
  14. OK I see what you are talking about. yes it's a little screwy but it displays correctly at whole numbers so not really an issue. nothing we could fix anyways we have no control over vehicles only their authors can fit it.
  15. I'm guessing your vehicle is the the unarmed hummingbird or the civil hummingbird. the altimeter on the dash works like a clock. small hand is 1000 and big hand is 100.
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