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  1. There are no black market items available at the black market trader. There are only explosives.
  2. When player's respawn utilizing the new kit selection, they are not receiving an extension cord.
  3. + added: + New spawn Load out GUI + Dual primary Arms allows you to have two primary weapons at once + Donor traders respect lowered + Donor island fast travel from the north east airport in the hardware office + DMS AI spot distance was lowered by 5% + DMS AI roaming distance (farthest an AI will get away from a mission) Lowered from 500 to 300 + DMS AI will now drop launchers + Finally Virtual garages will allow vehicles to keep their inventory when stored! No excuse VG your vehicles! + Changes are in effect now
  4. Such coding, much hurt brain.

  5. + added: + New dynamic locker, you locker size will change depending on your respect amount. Level 0-1 650K this locker number is multiplied by 2. Don't worry if you have more than your max locker will allow your tabs will still be there. + New respect levels added Level 7 500k, Level 8 1M, and Level 9 2M + New welcome messages may or may not keep them in + New server info script was added, contains our rules plus more + New XM8 apps like wire transfer, server info, private message, player scan, vehicle hp bars, plus more + updated XM8 app icons 3-4 new icon
  6. + added: + changed database code to properly delete construction and containers from the database. This may break the server if it does the server will shut down and revert immediate to last working mission file ð + Changes go into effect next restart
  7. + added: + 1. Some high level ammo was made available at lower respect mainly 338 round - removed: - 2. Dynamic heli spawns turned down for 6 to 4 max at one time - 3. Due to the high amount of players recently, we are tuning down the amount of objects you can have in your base at each respective level, if you have more than the max amounts of objects in your base currently please downsize when possible. Price Radius Objects 1000, 15, 45 5000, 30, 100 10000, 45, 125 15000, 60,
  8. + added: + 1. Updated logo on screen to top right + 2. Donator array updated to allow for easier changes + 3. Mission file has been cleaned up, lots of unnecessary code + 4. Territory payment announcement when you log in upper left hand corner will tell you when you need to pay + 5. Added ! commands, Type !help in chat and it will give you a list of commands. Only 2 for now but more to come! + 6. Fixed an issue where you couldn't raid in PVP zone thanks to @colin + 7. Added Headless client for ASAXI (Roaming AI) this should help us get more server FPS +
  9. + added: + 1. Increased the amount of slots on the server from 30 to 45 + 2. AI Helis are now all the same class very distinguishable. If you fly around in an AI heli, do so at your own expense. + 3. Updated rules + 4. Added new server rules channel to discord
  10. + added: + 1. Mozzies are now able to be packaged and deployed and no longer despawn. (endless server restarts) + 2. Loot spawn has been increased + 3. Re-spawn logo has been updated to new version
  11. + added: + 1. Abandon flag - Lets you move your flag without needing an admin. But will reset your territory to level 1! + 2. More base details - Lets you see more details about your territory including how many objects you can place and more! + 3. Grinding re-balanced - Introduces grinding times for different types of doors the better the door the longer it takes. + 4. Prevent low level raiding - If you territory is level 2 or lower you cant get raided. This is to help out newbies who aren't as established. + 5. Moved the donor trader. + 6. The server rules
  12. Please add dual arms to the server because I want to do some rambo shit.
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