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  1. In my hummingbird I was around 3 klicks high but it displayed as .01 km up, so basically I think the main number isn't dispalyed propgoblepyert
  2. I don't know if u guys know but the huron crate doesn't rearm the extra mags either
  3. Maybe adding a min of certain amount of m before picking it up
  4. Like the missions(static) having reinforcements and you have to clear it out first. and refuel at gas stations and same related questions
  5. (Rock and Christians encounter)The bandit orgy building was collapsed. Usually there is a crate even if its destroyed(it hovers if building is destroyed). Standing at the top (buildings not destroyed) would count as completed, also in the center (if its destroyed). BUT this time the crate didn't appear and standing in the center didn't count.
  6. Normal mags work but drums don't display although they work, could happen for other guns too. In the trader when u click everything for primary or secondary sometimes it'll only display your ammo and maybe a silencer, some other guns are decked out but you just can't see what you can or can't place on your gun
  7. I'm not entirly sure how they work but I think it stops the drones from working so maybe those raoming drone cars might be abel tobe disabled
  8. Number code is still displaying
  9. ok turns out it might not be as good because they could shoot other's missions as they pass by BUT we could just fly high and around
  10. It maybe that I don't know about how the mechanics work, nonetheless I'll try to explain what happened cus it can happen others. So it happened to me on the tigris but y'all gave me another one. during the mission (bandit orgy) we cleared out all of the infantry and vehicles including hmg turrets except for the tigris. The tigris had only a gunner since I shot out them earlier (no driver might cus it to lock?). after I shot the last guy out inside it would usually unlock but it didn't. The last time I did it and forced the knife to hot wire it, it allowed me to put an infinite amount of code locks on it but when we try the code it wouldn't claim it or lock it. When we brought it to the trader and tried to buy the code on it but it said to contact an admin. Finally we tried storing it but it said it was owned by someone else. This WAS NOT a mission reward vehicle, it was a patrol vehicle. I think the driver may have locked it on his way out when he was switching to gunner or something. We should've waited for another spawn wave to see if they got in the tigris and fixed it but idk if they can get in it (if not assigned that role) but I've seen others go into strider/ ifrits.
  11. Buying ai and placing them in those slots would be nice for automatic commander seat countermeasure deployment or ghosthawk/huron gunners but maybe not on attacks helis cus that would be kinda op XD
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