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  1. Instead of having mining spawn rarely and providing little amounts of resources. Trying to have a dedicated mining spot in pvp with maybe patrolling AI or something like waves (which makes having a mine device hmeet good and worth money). If there are multiple places like in pvp and pve then maybe a mission might be more fit, instead of spawning crates its just multiple gem nodes that are heavily guarded (since its valuable). Maybe pvp spawn has more valuable gems or something
  2. It's gun should also be able to provide good amounts of fire
  3. I think it should be good since its a ground vehicle that be relatively easy to disable via rockets, grenades/gl, and 50. cals weapons. It may even be vulnerable to smol arms fire. It's can be used as a reconnaissance vehicle or maybe even transporting items
  4. Also Base raids can go pretty far away from your base, so that may be another use
  5. OK, turns out the town missions (invasions or whatever), the AI in those mission are super hard to find and you have to search everywhere. This would be another reason to add a unit scanner
  6. 1. What is the issue? Primary weapons off of the AI respawn under 5 minutes rather than like 5+ minutes 2. How often does this occur? everytime we kill AI and it drops a gun 3. Can it be replicated? (Can you make it happen repeatedly?) Yes, kill something thats holding a gun and time it 4. Video/Image Evidence? No 5. Time/Date the issue occurred? recently 6. Any other information will be greatly appreciated: Player weapons might actually take longer to despawn (I haven't confirmed this)
  7. Unit Scanner, it was super useful previous wipe and worked perfectly, although the staff didn't agree. It displayed 360 bearings which you were in the center and made having a GPS useful because of the bearing display on the side bracket thing. Also it allows for First Person users like me to "see" around a corner or over a hill/wall like 3rd Person players do. The unit scanner assisted a ton with finding the last guy that roamed pretty far or was hidden in a place (although some AI cus way far off *cough* *soldier garage helis* *cough*)
  8. When your looting bodies you can click take-all which saves some time but then you can't deposit all (btw stuff in backpacks or in attachments slots don't count unless manually removed). If you can't add a deposit all then maybe reducing the the delay for right clicking items into storage, in plus if someone is near you disables you from clicking take-all and kinda makes it a little slow
  9. 1. What is the issue? Gas Station spams you 2. How often does this occur? everytime u pass through it 3. Can it be replicated? (Can you make it happen repeatedly?) yes and yes 4. Video/Image Evidence? no cus sleep time in a bit but its easily replicated 5. Time/Date the issue occurred? everytime we pass through a gas station (I'm pretty sure it happens at the traders to when you drive to the heli pad) 6. Any other information will be greatly appreciated: It can happen in Gas station and I'm pretty sure in the trader rearm places
  10. The reason is that its cheap and decent to use and its not op because you need to acutally hit your targets at relitlvy close range which risks the heli but still provides another way to kill things for example the cheapest armed truck which only facing foward and is still viable.
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